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Direktør i Storkøbenhavn

Nordic HR Director to Konica Minolta – Ballerup

A great opportunity to take on a role as Nordic HR Director, where you will head a team of HR Partners across the Nordics and support with training and development concepts and activities as well as being an advisor to the Nordic Management team, and the Cluster Managing Director. You will collaborate with Konica Minolta’s European head office in Germany, while still having a key role and levy to influence concepts and processes yourself.

About Konica Minolta in the Nordics

Konica Minolta in the Nordics have around 450 engaged individuals working with Sales and Service Management of their innovative BtB technical products and solutions. The Nordic head office is in Ballerup, where you will have your primary base. In each of the Nordic countries, an HR Business Partner support with local HR support and recruitments. In other words, there is a strong foundation on which you can drive Change and Growth as part of an ongoing transformation in the organisation.

Your job

Your primary objective will be to initiate and drive a “Growth Mindset” and continuously update and standardise processes, design, and HR-procedures and -initiatives to support this growth. You will spearhead the HR organisation as a value-adding contributor to the business and Nordic Management team that you will be part of.

As Konica Mino...